Chapped Lips Remedy: Cure Chapped Lips Faster in Winter/Harmattan Season

chapped lips

Cure chapped lips In Harmattan/ Winter Season. 

 Prevention & Cure For Dry, Cracked & Peeling Lips

Our research got 5 proven and verified steps to cure or keep lips healthy, especially in unfavourable conditions, like: Harmattan & Winter. Read till the end for all benefits and precautions.

Our lips are a very sensitive part on our face, Whenever you talk to a person, lips draws their
attention. Some are blessed with a thick lip, while some with thin lip. Unlike the skin, the lips lacks the protective layer that helps to retain moisture.

Note: Your lips shows sign of aging when’s not taking care of.

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Just as the skin on the rest of your body can get dry from certain weather conditions, your lips are likely as well.

According to Dr. Heather Woolery-Lloyd, “Dry weather and wind is a common cause of skin dryness. Low humidity(low amount of water vapor in air) increases evaporation from the lips and causes dryness and cracking”.

Unfavourable weather conditions

Harmattan: Harmattan is a cold-dry and dusty trade wind, blowing over the West African subcontinent.

Winter: Winter is one of the four seasons and the coldest time of the year,air has low humidity, it can dry out your skin. Few African countries experience this season.


How To Keep Lips healthy during winter/harmattan season

1. Stay Hydrated

Avoid Dehydration(the loss or removal of water from something)

For you to have a healthy lip, you must increase your intake of water. Drinking water hydrates the body and skin. It maintains the moisture level of skin,lips & help cure chapped lips. Know that loss of water is the leading cause of dry lips. Your lips knows when to tell you that you are thirsty! Drinking plenty of water is very essential for a healthy skin and lips. This will stop dryness and cracking and make your lips appear fuller and healthier.

2. Lips Care

Don’t Lick Your Lips

To keep your lips healthy, especially during winter or harmattan season, to cure chapped lips you must avoid licking your lips, because it does nothing but offer you a temporary sense of relief, after which the saliva will dry out your lips. In addition it removes any moisturizer applied on your lips and strips all the natural moisture from lips. Thereby causing lips to crack or peel.

Apply Balm On Your Lips

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Applying lip balm is very essential for lips to keep them moist and helps cure chapped lips. Everyone should have a go-to lip balm. Make sure you use one without a bunch of chemicals, because, it can actually irritate the skin more. Look for balms that are natural with ingredients such as Shea, almond, coconut, cocoa butter and olive oil.

At night, apply lip balm before you go to bed. Because many people sleep with their mouths open. Eight hours of breathing in and out through your mouth can dry your lips, Dr. Piliang says. Also consider using a humidifier at night if the air in your house is dry because of being heated.

Apply lipstick using right method by using a lips brush

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Choose lipstick having vitamin E moisturizer and sun protection properties in it. This type of lipstick apart from lending color to the lips, keeps them moisturized and protected from damaging sun rays. thereby protecting them from chapping, and covering up already cracked lips

Don’t Bite Your Lips

Biting most times are formed habits, i also know it can be a seductive tactics for trying to lure in a sexual partner, but ladies — think of your poor lips!. Note: if you persistently bite on your lips, you’re leaving them open to tearing and cracking. Our teeth are irritating our lips, big time. Biting them is no better way to cure chapped lips

According to Daily Makeover, biting them further loosens the dry skin, leading to disaster.

Exfoliate Your Lips

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Just like your face, a good exfoliation of the lips is needed every now and then. The scrub will remove dry and dead skin, leaving you with soft and supple lips. Don’t scrub if lips is already chapped.

3. Use Good Products

Be Sure Of Your toothpaste or lipstick

Many toothpastes contain sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a common culprit for causing chapped lips or skin irritation. So, while you’re checking the ingredient list on the back of your toothpaste, check your favorite lipstick too, because propyl gallate, which is commonly found in lipsticks, is guilty as charged too.

4. What You Eat

Eat Veggies For A Healthy Lips

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Lips often gets dry, because the pH levels in your body are off balance. Eating fruits and vegetables will help restore this and remove the toxins in your body that are making your lips chap.

Too many fruits and vitamins

While we’re all for eating your fruits and veggies and taking daily vitamins to stay healthy, we’re also true believers in the fact that all things are good in moderation. Believe it or not, the juice from citrus fruits can irritate your lips, and consuming too much Vitamin A can cause chapped & peeling lips. Eat in moderation to stay healthy or cure chapped lips.

Before taking a bite out of that juicy orange, smother your lips in lip balm to protect them while you’re eating.

The acid in citrus fruits can irritate the lips and some citrus may cause your lips to become sensitive to the sun, which can cause chapped lips, and take forever to cure chapped lips.

Few things that will make your kids short

5. Remedies For already Damaged Lips(dry,cracked,peeling)

  • Avoid brushing or rubbing your lips when they are flaky or peeling. “It’s better not to scrub your lips or pick the peeling skin off with your teeth or your fingers. Because it creates cracks and sores on your lips and can make things worse,” Dr. Piliang says. “Instead, apply a very heavy ointment-based balm that will be soothing and will help cure chapped lips.”
  • Don’t use flavored lip balms. When you put tasty things on your lips, you’re tempted to lick. You can wear a bad tasting lip balm and can try chewing gum or sucking on a hard piece of candy to help you stop licking your lips.
  • Honey is another natural remedy for lips. Honey being a humectants, has moisturizing and healing properties for cracked lips. It can be applied on small cuts on lips because it is antibacterial. Apply it before bed time or throughout the day; it will leave lips smooth and soft.
  • Steer clear of allergens. You may have sensitive lips that get irritated when they come in contact with perfumes, dyes, or fragrances. So keep cosmetics and products with these ingredients far from your mouth.
  • Avoiding citrus fruits(oranges,lemons etc) can help cure chapped lips, because they are acidic. they can hurt your lips more.
  • Applying aloe Vera gel over lips can help cure chapped lips. Aloe Vera soothes and cools burnt lips due to sun exposure. You can rub the flesh of aloe Vera over lips to exfoliate and moisturize them. Rubbing Aloe Vera on your lips, as it could help relieve the pain and heal cuts.
  • If you’re prone to dry lips, avoiding spicy and salty foods could be your saving grace.
  • Avoiding alcohol will help cure chapped lips. alcohol can leave us feeling dehydrated, dehydration also takes place on the lips.

This proven remedies will help keep your lips healthy & cure chapped lips.

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