Upcoming Artiste: 8 Things You Must Do To Be Successful in 2019.


 Good News: You just found the 8 easy steps to be successful in 2019 as an upcoming artiste. Read till the end.

(A) Are you just starting music? Or you’ve been around for a while, making good music back to back, but you can’t get the recognition, audience and fame you want?

(B)  May be you’ve been at the corner making freestyles, hoping to get a sponsor or record label deal, like other lucky artistes who got signed through that. But nothing good is coming.

If you fell into this 2 categories, you don’t have to worry.  In this post, you will learn how to open opportunities for your self as an upcoming artist, and go viral too. Which means you’re blown.

Do you know is easier getting heard now, than years ago, this is due to the advanced Technology we make use of, today.  Nowadays anyone can sing in the comfort of his/her home and get heard  in any part of the world, you just have to learn this 8 key steps, that i will be dishing out in this post.

Here are the 8 most important things to do as an upcoming artiste, if you want to be successful in 2019.   READ TILL THE END


Social networks are one of the greatest tool, for every upcoming artiste. For you to be successful in 2019, you have to be able to command a huge number of audience.  To do this?.  You have to be active on social networks.

Being active on social networks simply means ,  interacting and posting your works regularly there(music videos,audios, freestyles). You don’t have to go chatting with everyone, your aim there, is for people to notice you, you just have to share your posts to pages, groups, tag celebrities, and beg people to share your works. You have to be loyal to the fans, anything for the fame(lol).  Being active there, exposes you to sponsors, record label deals and more fans. In Nigeria, a lot of people have gotten to the top, through this. i can remember ghana2pac of Ghana, who went viral on social networks in 2018, he got the attention of big artistes in africa, the likes of sarkodie, wizkid, olamide, and other superstars. He was a no body on the streets, till his freestyles got shared on social networks.

A lot of big artistes in Nigeria, i know today, got popular and heard of, through social networks, some were freestyles they made that went viral, got them a record deal. likes of Reekado banks, etc

Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram, are the 3 important networks you should focus on.

Instagram and Twitter have a lot of active celebrities. Which means, celebrities manage their pages,  90 percents of real celebrity pages on Instagram & twitter are managed by them. So posting your videos, songs and freestyles on Instagram/twitter will bring you luck.  You have to post and tag them too, they are likely to see your work, trust me that might be your break through.



This simply means, making your own cover/version of a trending music or event, you can call it a freestyles. Trust me, doing this alone, can do wonders.

Are you a singer or rapper, good at what you do, you should be able to make freestyles/cover of any song or beat.  If you want to go viral(become popular), you just have to join the moving train. Make a cover song for a trending music, or popular songs from big artistes, you just have to post them on all social networks you are on, especially Instagram, and make sure you tag big artistes, record labels, producers, d j’sbloggers, and also add trending hash tags when you post it.  This won’t only make you get heard of, but will also bring you a lot of fans, if the cover you made was wonderful. It could get you a record label deal, or even make you a brand. Which means you are blown(successful). A lot of upcoming artistes in Nigeria,  got signed to a big record label, after doing a music cover.

This works wonders, imagine you got a re-post from a celebrity who has over 5 million followers on his page, wow.  for sure, you will be getting thousands of followers.  The more fans/ followers you get, the more popular you be. If you want to be popular in 2019, try this trick.

You can also promote your freestyles on big YouTube channels like >>ZUBTV ,  contact them here




This simply means having your own YouTube channel, building your brand on YouTube. As an upcoming artiste in 2019, you need a fan base(YouTube channel)

Are you singing in 2019 and you do not have a YouTube channel where you post your music: You are behind the wheel. you’re like a car without tyres.

A lot of upcoming artistes tell me they’ve been doing music for a long time, but when I go on YouTube to search their music, I find out, they don’t have a YouTube channel. Go check the popular singers in your country, you will find out that all of them have a YouTube channel where they upload there songs.

YouTube being the second largest search engine after google, is one of the best place to promote your music  and talent, if your song goes viral on YouTube, you automatically become popular. Your  YouTube account is just important as your social network accounts, your subscribers on YouTube are your real fans, and will get notified whenever you post any content.   You have to go create your own channel now, and start uploading your works there.  Don’t forget to read YouTube policies too.

Be organized on YouTube.


This means putting the whole content you have in one YouTube channel.

A lot of upcoming artistes create a YouTube channel upload a song on it, and abandon it to create another one. This will hinder their fast growth on YouTube. Example. If  your first channel had 2,000 subscribers(fans), You abandon it and create another. When you post your music on your new channel, they 2,000 fans you got at the first channel will not be notified, this will make your music less watched and you might lose the 2,000 fans for life.

To be successful on YouTube and your music carrier, you have to organize your music. Your YouTube channel should have all your songs from AtoZ.

To create a professional fast growing YouTube channel, which includes: Designing your banner, channel description, channel tags, watermarks, best thumbnails and assured 1000 subscribers in 2 months. follow this dude on Instagram, and message him>>  zubbyking-manager zubtv youtube channel




Quality and creativity are probably the most important aspect of any  music. No one will listen to trash twice.

If you are doing music in 2019, you have to try and work with good instruments, But if you can’t afford the best studios: you have to focus on your creativity, your message, your flows, your style.  I’ve seen a lot of artistes, who have the money, the best studio, but their message is trash, the end up relegated and forgotten. Good music, never dies.

Note: people always listen to what you say, don’t go saying trash because you are looking for rhymes. Your message, creativity, style and sound are very important, the fans want new styles, the want to hear new things, you don’t have to sound like anyone, be yourself and deliver good message. You don’t have to sing trash if you want to get to the top, try to be unique and give your fans good music. If people enjoy your music, they’ll share it and spread your music.   There are lots of people doing music nowadays, to standout, you have to bring new ideas.  You have to focus on the song if you want to be successful in 2019.



This simply means continuing doing music and being patient.

As an upcoming artiste, frustration will come,. especially after years of putting effort to the hustle but still no good result.  Many do give up because they can’t handle this frustration. You should always encourage yourself, and also have in mind that most top artistes didn’t make it that easy.

Are you serious in taking your music carrier to the next level, you want to be heard, you want to be successful, you want to move to the top: You just have to be patient and keep hustling, keep grinding, Life is a gradual process, you won’t blow over night. To get to your destination, you have to keep pushing, if you snooze you lose.   You just have to be patient and consistent in trying this 8 steps, the sky will be your limit.



This simply means, fixing a particular date for your music release and telling your fans about it. This is a way of commanding attention to your music. The biggest problem of an upcoming artiste is getting the worlds attention

If you want your new song to go viral and drag attention:  . keep posting about it, tell people the date of release and continue emphasizing on it, share it on pages groups etc. If you promote or announce the date of your music release, a week earlier, you will get more people listening to your music. Don’t disappoint/ miss the date for the music debut, you will lose your fans trust and you will have less number of listeners. This is one of the best strategics to promote your music in 2019.




In addition. You need promotion to get your required boost. Get your song on radio stations, always perform on street shows, you have to start winning from your locality, relate with DJ’s for your song to get a place on their mix tape.


8. Try to Collaborate With Musicians And Industry Figures That Are Bigger Than You.

These are the .8 things you have to do: if you want to be successful in 2019.

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